Products (MRL (Machine-Room-Less) Lift)
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The machine room-less elevator (MRL) is driven by permanent magnet gearless synchronous motor, made according to technical speciļ¬cations. This machine is the latest development in permanent magnets synchronous traction motors technology for the lifts. This lift is designed as 1:1 direct acting system or 2:1 roping system. The advantage of solution with 1:1 roping system and cantilever sling is the possibility to design elevators with up to three entrances on the cabin or three side panoramic elevators.

Our MRL gearless lift has an E-type serial control system which is partly located on top of the car and mainly in the control panel situated in the side wall next to the top landing door. This advanced technology also helps to save space and to simplify maintenance and service.

Also available as a 33 Person 2500kg Max Load - Subject to client details required.
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